My Affair With Fonts

I love fonts. Love them. I spend hours looking through font sites and downloading them to my trusty laptop. I’m going to start sharing my very very favorites here, as well as where to find them.

More wonderful beautiful fonts! Best part? The amazing Kimberly Geswein, Font Queen made my font and I LOVE IT! Can you guess which one it is? Here are the links to find them all!

Sverige Script
KG Seven Sixteen
KG Be Still & Know
Tall Dark And Handsome

Kimberly Geswein is seriously one of my favorite fontresses. I like eleven out of ten fonts she creates. As the communications gal in a large children’s ministry, I have the ability to use her fonts all the time. It never fails that when I do, lots of people ask me where I got it from. I’m proud to advertise the work of Ms. Geswein.  All the fonts below and more from KG are available at Fontspace.

Every once in a while, I realize that I have to do a font project that is kind of adultish. Maybe it is notecards for Mumsy McAwesome, who is a lot of fun, yet far more formal than I. Sometimes I find I need to make an invite that can’t look like a seven year old’s pony party. Here are some of my big girl fonts to use for grown up stuff.

Here are where to find them!
Lavenderia (to the right of the font it has a donation box. You are able to get the font by entering zero)
Champagne & Limosines
New Garden
GaudyCapsSS (I am having a hard time finding this one…it may have come installed on my Mac)
Great Vibes
Albemarle Swash


2 Responses to My Affair With Fonts

  1. Ellen Montei says:

    Jessi honey. I just spent 2 weeks doing an internship at The Hamilton Museum of Wood Type. ( You would have been a proverbial pig in mud. Eat your heart out. This in preparation for the 2 letterpresses that I recently purchased hoping to start a little business. Ya wanna go for coffee and talk fonts?

  2. Trade that coffee for Diet Coke and I’m all in. I have found a bunch of fun fonts that I love and want to post. I’m going to start working on that tonight! Can’t wait to chat about all things fonty!

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