I’m Here All Week

I’ve always been crafty. Markers, Mod Podge, fonts, yarn, cameras….the works. I’ve always enjoyed creating.  I was either too poor or too busy to get my act together and really DO something about it.  I’m currently married with two kids living in suburbia.  I know.  That sounds cliche. I don’t have a mini van, does that help? I am lucky to have a really great job and then come home and do my REAL job.  Momming.

Lately, as my children have gotten older and able to do many things on their own, I’m able to get my party started again. I have started routine craft nights for gals to come to my mother’s craft lair and work on things together. Move over Martha! We each bring our own projects and found it is a great place to learn something new and get support. My mom, Mumsy McAwesome knows how to do just about everything and has enough crap supplies, I mean CRAFT supplies to keep us all running if needed. It is like a craft bomb shelter down there!

As you can see, I'm not at Ms. Stewart quality just yet. It is good to have goals.

As you can see, I’m not at Ms. Stewart quality just yet. It is good to have goals.

The only thing that I’m missing is my own craft space. This too will come in time.  Until then, my sweatshop sits in the corner of my sweet Mr. Incredible’s office. He works from home and has yet to complain that I’m invading his Den of Slack.  I love him more for that than he will ever know!

So why the blog? I have been working on a lot of fun things and I would like to share. I have also kicked myself off Facebook for a few weeks and am trying to concentrate on putting real thoughts to paper, or website. I have a few personal goals I would like to achieve and blogging may get me in touch with ways to make that happen.

Thank you for checking me out and here’s to creating!

Peace out,



One Response to I’m Here All Week

  1. Theresa says:

    Creativity is SO POWERFUL! You go, girl!

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