Past Awesomeness

March 2012

I was not in the market to make a quilt. I had been ogling and admiring this pattern  by Rachel Hauser and then this fabric just SCREAMED at me from my favorite fabric store.

The pattern is a quilt-along which walks even the most novice quilter through this easy and quick pattern. I have converted the pattern to a twin size and am making two, one for each of my girls.  I am currently at a standstill on the project. Making two simultaneously isn’t impossible, though I am in dire need of some encouragement! I think it is time to plan a craft night (or six!)

Almost done

Here’s the quilt top, ready for some batting and a backing.  The original pattern calls for actual machine quilting.  Walking foot and all. Personally I am a quilt tier. I really enjoy a fat cozy quilt. I also back it with flannel. This specific project has a hot pink flannel on the back. I scour the internet for 108″ solid flannel. The selection is scattered and not constant. Keep that in mind if you make this with an actual deadline. I have found that my local fabric store that consistently offers a 40% off a single cut of fabric coupon doesn’t carry a good selection of my coveted 108″ wide flannel. Sure, you can go ahead and piece the back. It will have a seam. That isn’t the worst thing in the world, I just avoid it if I can.

This new quilt is already a family favorite.  Because of that and the fact my girls actually agreed on the same fabric family (which is almost a miracle) so on I carry for two more.

Mr. Incredible & the new family favorite

There will be more posted here very soon. Please excuse the delay. I am taking my time in order to honor the original tutorials and patterns that inspired my creations. 


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