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I have dark under eye circles. I have come to the realization I have heredity working against me as well as stress and I don’t get enough sleep. I could quit my job and treat these suckers 24/7, but we all know that isn’t going to make a big difference. One late night and I would be back at square one. I have decided to face the music and just learn how to cover them right.

BEST POST!It all started with a Pinterest post linking me to The Beauty Department website. Why did this link give me hope? There were a few reasons I rushed to Sephora the next day.
1. The post is graphically pleasing. TBD used fonts that don’t agitate me.

2. The photos were spectacular. What made them spectacular you ask? Easy. The gal in them had brown eyes, dark hair and light skin like me. The really really really great part is that she actually had dark circles under her eyes. There is nothing worse that the model not having the dark circles and there be nothing to cover up. I can’t stand that. That and when there are false eyelashes in mascara ads, but that’s a completely different post.

3. I also loved the easy to follow instructions. Although the post tells you the products brands they used, the photo directions used general terms such as: concealer stick, highlighter, translucent powder. I was able to pull up the instructions at Sephora and the lady with the 6 different eyeshadows (and no under eye circles) was able to walk me through it all.

I didn’t end up getting the same brands as mentioned in the ad. I did pick up two products that were extremely helpful in the process. When I say extremely helpful, I mean that they work.

MakeUp Forever HD Invisible Cover ConcealerMy Lancome concealer had quit doing the trick. It reminded me of a candle that lost its scent after you burned it twice. I took a friend’s advice and tried MakeUp Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer. It works like a charm. It doesn’t smell like anything and lasts all day, which are two of my favorite things. The color matched my skin beautifully and the applicator is not made of crusty nasty brush bristles that gross me out. It is a soft, flat plastic applicator which is a nice change.
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening PowderI also needed a highlighter. I had used Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener for a long time and I was out. I planned on picking up another one on my journey to Sephora, however, they were out. I could have walked down the mall to the Bare Minerals store, though their employee who I kindly refer to as Twilight was working and I can’t say no to him. My willpower was weak. I couldn’t subject myself to that madness. So, Peacock Eyes at Sephora recommended Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. I love it. LOVE. IT. It is white and works like a charm. If you work at my local Sephora, please know that any product you show me with the word secret in the name, I will buy. It’s a mental thing, though I felt I should level the playing field and tell you my weakness.

I hope this reaches a few more with the undereye blues…literally!


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I'm always up for a craft night or gabbing about The Muppets. I'm a working mother of two amazing girls, so making time is my biggest challenge. And did I mention my advanced talent in sarcasm?
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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this product :).

    – KW

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