Is it Physically Possible

Is it physically possible to take a shower without someone having to come in and ask me to do a task that is only impossible because I am in the middle of washing my hair? There were hours and hours of me doing next to nothing….but no. This is the time to ask. I think my girls got their father’s sense of timing.*

Is it is physically possible for me to put something in my trunk without getting a goose egg on my forehead? I got a new car this summer. It was pretty exciting as this was my first new to anybody car. It was also the first car I have had in over ten years that wasn’t a hatchback. That means when the trunk is open there is no longer any clearance. Yes. I am 36 years old with a purple bump like a toddler learning to walk. Seriously.

March/April 2013Is it physically possible for Relevant Magazine to have an issue that doesn’t have a story/article/blurb that totally addresses me personally? I love Relevant Magazine. The culprit this month? An article entitled “Wanderlust. What to do when you want to be anywhere but here.” Written by Nicole Unice, this article tackles the issues of boredom with life and our tendency to  attribute them to our environment at work or home. Unice suggested to look internally, where the problem most likely lives. Humbled much? The article is informative without being preachy, and covered the bases without getting Vanity Fair lengthy. Thank you, Relevant Magazine.

*I really love my children. Whether I’m washing my hair or giving myself head trauma, they still are my favorite things ever.


About irishmcsweeney

I'm always up for a craft night or gabbing about The Muppets. I'm a working mother of two amazing girls, so making time is my biggest challenge. And did I mention my advanced talent in sarcasm?
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