Goodbye Facebook, Hello Identity!

I’m known for being inappropriate, loud, brutally honest and on Facebook. For a few years I even taught a class on how to use Facebook. I have been on since mid 2006. Most details of the last seven years of my life can be found on my Facebook page.

What happens when the notorious Facebooker takes some time off?

I went off the ‘Book for the last few weeks of December. No Christmas morning pictures were posted, no New Year’s Eve festivities were statused. The big question was why. As an overactive communicator I live to share. I joke that I wear my heart on my Facebook page. This is not really a joke. Many times I would see people in real life that would say how much they enjoyed my status updates. It was sometimes weird because they would never comment on my stuff, they would just stalk my posts. I found I couldn’t clean out my friends without someone asking why I unfriended them. It got awkward. I have resorted to hiding people from my Newsfeed on a regular basis.

Why did I take a hiatus?

Thanks to my iPhone, I would wake up in the morning and check Facebook before I even got out of bed. I would spend at least a half hour on it before I went to sleep. Facebook took over my life. I would get giddy when there were notifications when I logged in. I was starting to find my self worth was based on how many likes an update or a post received. Lame. Seriously super lame.

I spent so much time sharing that I was not living in the moment. When your child is starting to go to fifth grade dances and watch PG-13 movies, you begin to understand the value of time. I was done wasting fun moments being the rogue journalist of my children’s lives.

What did I miss?

I only missed a few things to be honest. Two friends had babies while I was off Facebook. Luckily, both babies are doing fine despite the fact I wasn’t one of the first to write on their parent’s wall. I also wasn’t able to share my day to day hilarity to my friends and followers. I think they all made it with minimal therapy.

I found myself missing the advice I would receive. I use Facebook to ask questions about books to read, child rearing or where to find the best something or other. I have had to resort to Google. I much prefer the answers from my trusted friends.

What did I love?

I loved the personal conversations I had via text with a cousin who just had twins. I loved the freedom. I loved that MMcA would give me the lowdown on anything important, and there wasn’t that much that was important.

I also enjoyed giving up the management side of everything. I felt obligated to keep my posts up to date and current. My mom would get worried if I didn’t post by 11 am. Being a working mom myself, my whole life is about management. From the daily work stuff to making sure the girls have everything they need for school and their iPods, Instagram  and YouTube accounts are all good, one less thing was a welcomed break.

How are you feeling, Irish?

On hiatus, I found that my mind still worked in Status Update Mode. They would go through my head and I would reach for the iPhone and there was nowhere to put the thoughts. I had to have an outlet for these quips. I got the Paper 53 app for my iPad and I started writing things that were on my mind. It quickly came to my attention that my thoughts are so much more than three sentences. My Status Updates were a creative outlet for me and I was selling myself short. My thoughts are better than the quick funny update. My thoughts are complete. I wasn’t letting them out. So, lucky you. Here I am!

I gave Facebook up for Lent. Yep, I did it again. I find the updates are still running through my head and I need to be expanding on them. My goal is to write a few more entries before March 31. Maybe I’ll like it and get two out a month after Lent. Maybe I won’t like it at all. I look forward to writing about how I have wrecked my kids – and there are plenty of ways I have contributed to their potential demise. I would also like to get some of the house updates done and be able to post before and after pics. It’s good to have goals.


About irishmcsweeney

I'm always up for a craft night or gabbing about The Muppets. I'm a working mother of two amazing girls, so making time is my biggest challenge. And did I mention my advanced talent in sarcasm?
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One Response to Goodbye Facebook, Hello Identity!

  1. Mary Diamon says:

    Jessi. What great writing and sound thinking. If I may take the liberty, I’m puoud of you. Count me among your fans. Write your littleheart out. You have much of interest say. Love Mary

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