The Story of Dill & Tess. Part 2 of at least 3

As I said yesterday in Part 1 of our epic saga, I met Dill and adopted the easy look. That really makes the last 12 years of my life seem uneventful. I assure you, they were not. It went a little like this: bartender, waitress, bartender/waitress, terrible boyfriend, embarrassingly public breakup, met Mr. Incredible, got married and two amazingly hilarious girls and four dogs later I’m beat. Hence, the easy look wins. It doesn’t mean you look like crap, it means you look good without spending a buttload of time on your face and hair. Mr. Incredible sees me when I wake up and says nothing. He sees me after my quick fix and says every morning “How do you do it?”. Yeah. It is kind of a joke, but I go with it. Any working mother of two with a puppy and an avid craft habit will tell you, take what you can get. Here are a few tricks of the trade.


Daywear's New Marketing Campaign

Daywear’s New Marketing Campaign

This amazingness was introduced to me by, who else, Dill. She has been using the Clinique brand and I have tried Maybelline, and of course Estee Lauder. Maybelline is great, available at Target or any drugstore and around $9. The coverage is lighter, yet covers with avoiding the Pancake Face Epidemic. Believe me, it IS an epidemic. Lauder gives you a bit more coverage and is what they did with their Daywear foundation, which back in the day was my favorite. I have yet to hear a sour word about BB cream so try them all!

Midwest White Meat

Bare Minerals Warmth

Bare Minerals Warmth

I am white with Irish and German ancestry. I live in the midwest. I am not naturally tan or even tannish. I wish I could be like Nicole Kidman and just own the pale. I can’t. I don’t know why, I should work on that. Bare Minerals Warmth is my key to success. It isn’t bronzer, it just warms up your face. That is exactly what this midwest Sally needs. And for the record, nobody ever calls me Sally. I don’t want to look like I used a bag of Doritos on my face or trying to change nationalities, I just want to warm this bad boy up. BareMinerals does just that. Also grab the Full Flawless Face Brush, it is worth the price. Keep it clean. I’m serious. Keep the brush clean. It will be your game changer.


Maybelline owns mascara!

Maybelline owns mascara!

Shopping for mascara is like shopping for a bathing suit. It is 100% trial and error. You need to get the stuff home and just play. I’m going to cut the crap and call a spade a spade. Maybelline came out with Great Lash. Great Lash is the best go to mascara ever. You can find it at gas stations. You never know when you need mascara and all you have is a 7-11 in your path. What’s not to love about Great Lash? They also humored the dramatic lash lovers, such as myself, with Lots of Lashes and the BIG option. Thank you, Maybelline. I really appreciate that you thought of me. They also have cornered my mascara market with their Volum’ Express Mega Plush and the entire Falsies line. I love you Maybelline. Way to hit it out of the park in this category. Repeatedly. You win.

Red Lips

Go Big Red!

Go Big Red!

I blame Taylor Swift for my love of red lips. I do. As the mother of two young girls who love music, I’m ok with Taylor. She wears clothes that cover most of her body. She is involved with the writing of the songs on her albums. She plays more than six instruments fluently. Once you realize that her audience is 8 – 14 year old girls, she makes sense. With that being said, I love her red lips and classic makeup look. I adopted it. I asked my Facebook friends the best shade of red and realized I wasn’t prepared to spend $25 on a lipstick. So I did what any other warm blooded midwest gal would do. I hit Target and searched the aisles. I had the names of a few classics in my back pocket, but Target was out of all of them! Are you kidding? There was a huge run on red lipstick? Really? However, in the quiet lower right corner of the L’Oreal display I found the one . . . or maybe it found me. L’Oreal Infallible #308, Target Red. It was made to sell at Target, though as you can see, also available on Amazon. It is a true red and not very orange or pink. I hear you now, “Irish, how do I get it to stay on for more than forty seconds?” Answer: Use a lip liner to line and color in your lips. Put your lipstick on top. Take your finger and dab a bit of powder or gold eyeshadow on your lips. Put another coat of lipstick. Be clear, this isn’t a tattoo. This will keep your lipstick for an ample amount of time and typically even through a Diet Coke, but not forever. I have found the best liners through trial and error. I really like Cover Girl lipperfection in #215 Passion or L’Oreal ColourRiche in Always Red. I tried the Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer and YOWZERS! That sucker hurt! It didn’t only hurt when I put it on, but twenty minutes later it still hurt. I’m a tough broad and that was not cool. I think Sonia has many great products. Her lip liner is not one.

When I started wearing the red lipstick, my regimen was BB cream, warmth, mascara and red lips. I got quite a few compliments. After seeing myself in photos, I have added a bit of eyebrow filler and a little eyeliner. When all else fails, add some brow filler. I could do an entire post on eyebrow filler. I’m sure Dill would agree.

Stay tuned! Hair and skin is yet to come!


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I'm always up for a craft night or gabbing about The Muppets. I'm a working mother of two amazing girls, so making time is my biggest challenge. And did I mention my advanced talent in sarcasm?
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  2. Jen Brady says:

    Dude. Loved this at least 3 parts series. Picked me up some BB Mabelline style at Walgreens (buy one get one 1/2 off). I have yet to find what works well on my face, so happy to give your recs a try! WEN will be next. Thanks!

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