The Story of Dill & Tess. Part 1 of at least 3

This is part one of at least three. Read ahead for the story of a beautiful friendship and wait for it . . . beauty favorites.

 "There are no ugly women – only women who don't care or who don't believe they're attractive." - Estee Lauder

“There are no ugly women – only women who don’t care or who don’t believe they’re attractive.” – Estee Lauder

In a former life, and I have had many of them, I was an Estee Lauder Lady. It is funny to call me a LADY because I was 19 or 20 and beyond immature. The operative word in my last sentence was BEYOND.

I worked at the counter in Macy’s Mall of America. This was my third retail position at MOA and I had working in that madhouse down to a science. On Saturdays, when schools were out and on Black Friday you got dropped off and picked up if you had the late shift. When the ride in Camp Snoopy (yes, it was THAT long ago) was stuck and people were hanging upside down for five hours, you got a bottle of wine, those cute guys who worked at Britches and a front row seat to watch the rescue crews. You also knew you must get to Panda Express before 11:50 am for lunch or no orange chicken for you. If you were in Gift with Purchase and it was your assigned lunch time, you put your head down, made eye contact with nobody and ran for the hills. I even visibly carried tampons out of the Lauder bay if that’s what it took to get out. It got really bad and nobody messed with a make up lady on the rag. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Those customers would got cray cray for a free lipstick in a smelly plastic bag with a mirror so tiny it was unusable by adult women. There are many other tricks to the trade, but I’m going to keep those under wraps for now. I’m sure Dill and I can come up with a ton more.

As an Estee rep, I had the privilege to wear a navy blue tent with black tights and black shoes. I looked like a big bruise pimping ReNutriv and Spice Lip Liner. It was a great gig. Our team was awesome and we worked really hard together towards our goal of a million dollar counter. That’s a lot of eye shadow.

My favorite part of working the Lauder gig wasn’t meeting Elizabeth Hurley or Aerin Lauder, who I admire greatly. It was convincing (or conning?) the fun gal from the break room who worked in heaven knows what department to apply for the opening at our counter. She was a pushover and all in so the Dill and Tess Show began! Not only did Dill and I work together, we also shared an apartment with a homemade red velour couch and tons of crazy adventures. Side note: In my younger days and when Mumsy McAwesome is angry, I am referred to as Tess. 

Dill and I lost contact when I moved out of the cities. The internet was yet to be and I can be downright lazy. After we were both married, had children and found Jesus we got back in touch. God bless Facebook. We spent the next few years texting, chatting on Facebook, visiting for the Royal Wedding and for no reason at all and of course, constantly sharing the beauty products we love. I went from crazy full makeup at the counter to easy peasy lemon squeezy fresh face girlfriend. That didn’t stop me from loving all the products. Read about some of the Tess and Dill Approved makeup here. Hang tight for hair and skincare! Get excited for my take on the best hair, skin care and make up brands and shades. I’m stoked to share them!

NOTE: The Dill and Tess Show happened well before digital photos and we are both still digging for a glance into our 1998 selves. Brace yourself. This is gonna be good!


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