Father’s Day

Next to my own dad, my husband is the HARDEST to excite or surprise on Father’s Day.  There are a few things that Mr. Incredible loves passionately. One is fishing the Boundary Waters, and the other is Leinenkugels. To commemorate Father’s Day and his upcoming Boundary Waters trip, I decided to put the Silhouette in high gear and give his favorite canoe a little swagger.

First I finagled the Leinies logo using the Silhouette software. Because I am not fluent with this just yet, it took a little longer than I wanted because I farted around with options to get the best result. I am pleased with the outcome. I used Silhouette adhesive vinyl. Color is unimportant.

The next step was a great learning experience. Because of the size of the stencil and the bend of the boat, I needed to cut and piece the vinyl. It wasn’t too difficult to cut as I went and reset as necessary. Luckily I had a huge metal Leinie’s sign hanging to my immediate left and Mr. Incredible looking over my shoulder to guide me.

I then used a automotive grade white paint to fill in the stencil. Because I had to cut and reset in a few places I used a small brush. Mr. Incredible was anxious to get the stencil off when the three layers of paint were a bit gummy. This resulted in me having to do a little touch up around some of the edges; nothing a few QTips and nail polish remover couldn’t solve! Because of the finish on the boat, this didn’t disturb the red factory paint. I will also admit to going back and free handing a bit of the logo. No shame because….

IT TURNED OUT AWESOME! Mr. Incredible was way pleased and his friends are a bit envious.

Per Mr. Incredible’s request, I also personalized the areas under the seats. His fishing buddy, also known as “Down Time” (not a really great thing to be in the fishing world, though I hear he earned this title) even got in on the deal.

Cap'n Bill

I can’t wait to see the pictures of the guys in the boat and on the water. Maybe even with big ol’ walleye in hand! I think we will have to try and make the Leinies Lodge Newsletter with this one.

Drop me a line if you have any questions! This was a great early father’s day gift. Just wait until you see the next crazy project I’ve gotten myself into. I’m a glutton for punishment, that’s for sure.


About irishmcsweeney

I'm always up for a craft night or gabbing about The Muppets. I'm a working mother of two amazing girls, so making time is my biggest challenge. And did I mention my advanced talent in sarcasm?
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