Font Art!

My cousins have been asking for some font art using my handwriting font. I haven’t been a real fan of the font and I’m planning on getting it redone, however, I came up with a few simple pieces that I’m hoping will satisfy the pleas of my fans.

Willow wasn’t specific in what she wanted hers to say. She said to use a quote or a song that reminded me of us growing up. Willow is the sentimental one. I recall listening to the soundtrack of The Big Chill over and over. This bouncy tune was a favorite. We also grew up to another song about a frog….it was something about being in love with a big blue frog. I thought her husband would appreciate this one a bit better.

Katie saw something on Pinterest with the “You Are My Sunshine” lyrics that she wanted done for nursery #3. She asked for something simple and is going to have the paper color and inks changed to something that will work in her decor. Here’s a little work up that I did for fun.

I’m considering getting my handwriting font done again. This time I’m looking at Fonts for Peas who not only has free amazing handwriting fonts, they will make yours for you for free!


About irishmcsweeney

I'm always up for a craft night or gabbing about The Muppets. I'm a working mother of two amazing girls, so making time is my biggest challenge. And did I mention my advanced talent in sarcasm?
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3 Responses to Font Art!

  1. kevinandamanda says:

    Hi Jessi! Yes, please send me your handwriting, I’d be happy to make it into a font! 🙂

  2. Thanks Amanda! I will get on it. We are in Spring Break mode right now, so hang tight!

  3. Jessi! Email me girl! I will do yours!! I LOVE IT!! 🙂 Seriously, email me TODAY! 🙂

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